Here are just some of the reasons local businesses should choose to advertise with The Danny Daniel Show.

  • The Danny Daniel Show target audience is generations of folks between 30-70 years of age.
  • While the target audience is specific, it is not limited. Our show will appeal to all ages and generations.
  • We write and produce effective commercials at no extra cost.
  • We have a strong social media presence on Facebook.

More than any other advertising medium, online radio can reach potential listeners anywhere! This medium allows the show more creativity and imagination and allows listeners the flexibility to listen to the show more frequently.

The Danny Daniel Show is about our audience. It’s about reaching listeners across the country and providing them with a nostalgic, memorable and inspirational experience. We invite local and national businesses to reach this audience with your message and advertise on our show.



Traditional advertising rates are based on a flat rate, but not here at The Danny Daniel Show.

We believe in going above and beyond for our sponsors, incorporating products and services into our “Inspired Variety” content. In addition to recording and playing your advertising spot during regular commercial rotation, The Danny Daniel Show offers a package that places your company’s message within our show segments.

Our sponsorship package includes the following:

  • A complimentary, professionally produced 30-second audio advertisement valued at $300.
  •  Your commercial spot will be played 40 times over a 30-day period.
  • You'll receive a live byline during The Danny Daniel Show
  • Your business and advertising message will be incorporated in a variety of our daily segments, which may include the following:
    • Good News Segment
    • What’s Your Story? – Inspiring stories told by listeners of the show
    • Song Intro for our nostalgic medleys
    • Outro liner into station break and return back to program
  • Any promotions for your business or organization can be implemented on our show.  For example: events, giveaways, new products etc.
  • Online Web Ad/Rotating Banner on our show website. Your web ad will be linked to your website.

Our Marketing Plan:

Currently, the local market is void of oldies music combined with “good news” programming. Data from focus groups, local feedback and research has shown that our format garners a diverse and loyal listener base. Our introductory offer will bring your company exposure to a strong, consistent audience.

As you become one of the first sponsors to join The Danny Daniel Show, we will be implementing our own advertising campaign to spread the word! Advertising for our show will include, but will not be limited to effective comprehensive Seo marketing and social media campaign.Our goal is to get better exposure to your customers by connecting them with to your advertisements and interviews on our show.


1 Month Sponsorship Package: $300/Month

We’re looking for strong, confident businesses to be a part of our Good Times Revolution. That’s why we’re offering our sponsorship package at a fraction of the cost you’ll find with any of the radio stations. Our first-come sponsors will receive their first 90 days of advertising at our reduced rate.

In Addition to affordable, reasonably priced advertising rates, The Danny Daniel Show will donate a portion of the advertising proceeds to a specified children's charity each month. Our current charity is Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, so please help us give back to our community.

The Danny Daniel Show will air one hour daily, 5 days a week. The other air time will be dedicated to additional quality programming and 1960's and 1970's music and sponsor information.

This unique, 24-hours digital format gives you the opportunity to make a far bigger impact on our loyal audience, than you would with the traditional stations.

The Danny Daniel Show offers prizes for our audience members on a scheduled basis. We always encourage our sponsors to send us gift cards and /or discount promotions to send to our loyal audience for giveaways.

Part of your advertising proceeds will go to a children's charity each month.

In addition to affordable, reasonably priced advertising rates, The Danny Daniel Show will donate a portion of the advertising proceeds to a charity each month. Our current charity is Children's Healthcare of Atlanta (CHOA) So help us give back to our country!


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