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The Danny Daniel Show is a unique blend of classic tunes, humor and wit combined with informative guests that inspire listeners. Our “good news” programming is intended to attract listeners, leaving religion and political topics for other stations to cover. NO BAD NEWS!

The Danny Daniel Show is a unique show that provides entertaining topics wrapped with sixties and seventies classic music.

The Danny Daniel Show is a place to listen to entertaining stories and Inspired Variety.


Good News

Leave your troubles at the door. The Danny Daniel Show isn't concerned with the everyday drama that surrounds our fast-paced lives. We don't read the gossip column, and we're not obsessed with the latest celebrity scandal. 

The Danny Daniel Show is all about reporting good news--stories that are real and inspirational, and free of controversy.

Most of all, we hope many of these stories will be told by you, the listener! If you have a good news story or an inspirational tale from your own life, we'll tell it! Visit our  "Whats Your Story?" page and send us an inspirational story.



Good Music

It's getting harder and harder to find good music these days. Motown music and the classic hits of the 60's and 70's are almost impossible to find on the radio. But look no further, because we've decided to give throwback tunes a modern home!

You'll find all the classic Motown, soul, and pop oldies during the show. Our good news segments are filled with song breaks that keep listeners turned on and feeling good. Check out our Motown Music page to listen to all our featured songs and learn their awesome backstory.



Good Times

Simply put, we're the place listeners turn to when they want to laugh and feel good about the way they spend their time. We will feature upbeat music and sponsorships with interviews featuring nationally acclaimed guests who have engaging stories to tell.



The Danny Daniel Show will broadcast a new episode every Monday of the week. Each episode is available On-Demand at